Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

CJ had appointments this morning with the Infectious Diseases doctor and the surgeon.  For the last 6 weeks, we've been taking CJ to the hospital to have blood drawn.  He continued his oral antibiotics.  Our hope was that since his blood work has been within normal levels the last several times, CJ would be released from the ID doctor's care.  We were ALL tired of antibiotics!

Happily, Dr. Han agreed to let CJ discontinue his antibiotics.  He wants CJ to have some blood drawn in a month to make sure the levels are staying within normal range and the infection isn't coming back.  Yay!

When we checked in to the surgeon's office, they sent us for an X-ray.  After looking at it, Dr. Dassinger said every thing looked great, and he was pleased with CJ's progress.  Of course, he hates that we were the 1% that has to deal with an infection, but he was glad to hear CJ had been able to discontinue antibiotics.

So, we go back for blood work the first week of November, and hopefully, the results will show that we truly are finished with the staph infection.  We love Dr. Han, but we really don't want to see him again!  LOL!

Unless problems arise, we are on a normal post-op schedule with the surgeon.  We'll see him in May 2015 at the year mark of the bar insertion.  Assuming all is well, we won't see him again until May 2016.

I'll post again when we hear about the blood work next month.

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